Editors Rules: Ancestry Tree for James West

This page contains the current rules for the shared tree, “James West, Shipwright of Northern Liberties” on Ancestry.com.  At this time, the tree is unindexed (does not show up in Ancestry searches) and private (can not be viewed without an invitation).  That may change once the tree is more stable and better documented.  If you are a James West descendant or researcher and would like to join us in our tree, please contact me and let me know.  All those invited to the tree are editors: each has the privilege of adding or subtracting information from the tree.  Because of this, a few rules have been established to assist us in working harmoniously and respectfully together with our other cousins:

  1. Please DOCUMENT each fact you add: list the primary or secondary source you are using as a reference. Please don’t simply clone things from the undocumented trees of others: offer a source for the information.
  2. ASK if you disagree with an entry: you can do so by posing on this blog. Don’t just go changing what someone else has entered. After a discussion, you may need to make a decision to agree to disagree or agree that the facts are sketchy: add your info as an alternate “fact” in that case. If you don’t know how to do that, please ask.
  3. DO NOT ENTER THE FULL NAME AND BIRTH DATE OF THE LIVING. Enough said: we don’t really know one another or how others in the family might feel about our “project”.  The only exception might be if the information is readily available on Ancestry, through a census or other documentation link.
    I or some kind soul following the rules will “prune” that portion of the tree, with apologies. This is to be a tree of James West descendants ONLY.  The one exception to this rule is that the immediate family of someone who married into the tree may be entered, in order to more completely identify them.
  5. Other than that, have fun!  Here’s to a happy collaboration!

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