It’s been a year…

…since the last posting.  No funding appears forthcoming in the near future for further exploration of the Hertz Lot, AKA West Shipyard, but we can dream and learn more in the meantime.  Here are some more recent web articles related to the shipbuilding, Philadelphia, and the James West:

This article, “Shipbuilding and Shipyards”, was written by Jeffery M. Dorwart.  He is  the author of histories of the Philadelphia Navy Yard; Fort Mifflin of Philadelphia; Naval Air Station Wildwood; Camden and Cape May Counties, New Jersey; Office of Naval Intelligence; Ferdinand Eberstadt and James Forrestal, and is Professor Emeritus of History, Rutgers University.  References are provided.

James J. Farley’s book about early American Shipping is available here on WordPress in it’s entirety.  There is mention of James West, as  well as some notes from his account book.

Mentioned before and specific to our interests as James West descendants, this is the presentation by DRWC (Delaware River Waterfront Corporation) regarding their progress towards developing Philadelphia’s waterfront.  The complete archaeological study prepared 2013 resides here, as well as information about meetings and goals of the corporation.  If anything new and exciting were to happen regarding the West site, it would likely be posted here.

Harry Kyriakodis, author of Philadelphia’s Lost Waterfront (2011), Northern Liberties: The Story of a Philadelphia River Ward (2012), and The Benjamin Franklin Parkway (2014), prepared this article in 2012 for Hidden Philadelphia, and it is still posted.  Worth a look if you haven’t read it.

Additionally, Richard Remer is about to publish his book about the shipwrights of Kensington, Philadelphia, (as you may know, our Charles West next purchased property in Kensington to expand the business).  Some nice photos, including one or two of West Hill mansion.  Many of the allied families will be included.  I’m looking forward to it’s release.  Rich was instrumental in helping me to construct my West tree.  He has worked on other titles with Kenneth W. Milano.

Anyone needing an invitation to view the “James West, Shipwright of Northern Liberties” tree in Ancestry, please let me know.  I’d be happy to link you as a guest.

My best to all my West cousins,


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